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Marcella Jacques

Executive Producer

Marcella Jacques has a degree in Social Communications and Marketing. She has been working with film since 2004, garnering experience as a production manager and executive producer. She has worked on more than 30 projects, including short films, feature films, and series for television. In 2018, she was selected for the Berlinale Talents lab in Berlin. In 2020, she co-curated and produced the retrospective A Hollywood Pioneer, about American
filmmaker Dorothy Arzner, the only female director during Hollywood’s golden age.

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Juliana Antunes

Director and Writer

Juliana Antunes is a director and scriptwriter and has also worked as a casting director. She wrote, produced, and directed her first feature film, Baronesa (2017)0, which has been screened in over 100 festivals and film clubs around the world. Baronesa was also selected as “Best Opera Prima” by Roger Koza’s La Internacional Cinefilia.
From 2017 until 2020, she worked as a cinema programmer at CINE 104 and curated the film club Aranha, both in Belo Horizonte. She wrote and directed the short film Control Plan (2018), which went on to win multiple awards at the Brasilia Film Festival (2018), Valdivia International Film Festival (2019), and Mar del Plata International Film Festival (2019). She was a jury member in festivals and labs such as CATAPULTA (Mexico), FIC VALDIVIA (Chile), INDIE LISBOA (Portugal), and Olhar de Cinema (Curitiba, Brazil). She has also taught workshops in prestigious institutions throughout Brazil, such as Vila das Artes (Fortaleza), SESC, and Kinoforum (São Paulo).

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Laura Godoy

Producer and Researcher

Laura Godoy has a degree in Journalism from Belo Horizonte’s PUC Minas. Welles na Terra do Silêncio is her first project as a director, following years of experience as a film producer and researcher. She has worked with important names in contemporary Brazilian cinema, such as Juliana Antunes, Affonso Uchoa, João Dumans, Marília Rocha, Walter Salles, Cao Guimarães, Gabriel Martins and Maurílio Martins.

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Débora Brandão

Assistant Producer

Débora Brandão graduated from law school and is currently studying cinema at UNA. She works as an assistant producer at VENTURA, where she got her start as an intern working on Juliana Antunes’ series Paris com Renda. She also worked as a local producer for the series 11 Tiros FC by Beta Spain in partnership with HBO Max Spain.

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