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Control Plan (Brazil | 2018)

Fiction | 16min

The year is 2016. A politically-motivated right-wing coup removes the first female President from Brazil’s office. Amid this dystopian political context, Marcela uses her cell phone’s teleportation service to try to leave the country, but her data plan is limited.



Director and Writer: Juliana Antunes
Executive Producers and Production Managers: Camila Bahia Braga and Marcella Jacques
Assistant Director: Giselle Ferreira
Cinematographer: Alice Andrade Drummond
First Assistant Camera: Matheus Rufino 
Sound: Julio Cruz e Vitor Brandão 
Sound editing: Pedro Durães
Art and wardrobe: Dayse Barreto
Editing: Gabriel Martins and Luisa Lanna
FX: Robert Frank
Sound mixing: Cinecolor
Post-production: O2
Production company: VENTURA



Marú Santos e Uirá dos Reis

Selected festivals and awards: New York Film Festival (US | 2019) Mar del Plata (Argentina | 2019) - BEST FILM  FIC Valdivia (Chile | 2019) - SPECIAL JURY AWARD Viennale (Austria | 2019) Brazil Burning Festival Indie Lisboa (Portugal | 2019) Festival de Brasilia (Brazil | 2018) - BEST EDITING AND BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR - UIRÁ DOS REIS  Festival Semana - Opening film (Rio de Janeiro | Brazil | 2018) Festival Janela Internacional (Recife | Brazil | 2018) - CANAL BRAZIL ACQUISITION AWARD Mostra São Miguel do Gostoso (RN | Brazil | 2019) - SPECIAL JURY AWARD Festival Universitário Lumiar - Opening film (MG | Brazil | 2019) Tiradentes Film Festival (Brazil | 2019)

Tarik's Puzzle (Brazil | 2015)

Animation | 19min

In his underground lab, the scientist Tarik prepares to receive the fundamental missing piece to complete his life’s most important work.



Director and Editor: Maria Leite
Writer: Eduardo Felix
Producer: Marcella Jacques
Art and Animation Director: Daniel Herthel
Cinematographer: Alexandre Baxter
Animation: Daniel Herthel
Soundtrack: Daniel Potter, Tom Mason
Post-Production: Panfonica Cinema e Vídeo, Olada
Graphic Design: Alexandre Perocco
Camera Assistant: Tamás Bodolay
Editing Assistant: Tamás Bodolay and Paulo Assumpção 
Gaffer: Eduh Gomes (in memorian)
Set Building: Daniel Herthel, Eduardo Felix, Maria Leite, Mauro Otacílio
Set Building Assistant: Tamás Bodolay
Puppet Skeleton: Luciano do Amaral Oliveira
Wardrobe: Maria do Céu
Tarik’s Voiceover: Aggeo Simões
Sound Effects Studio: Pato Multimídia

Selected festivals and awards: 23rd Anima Mundi - International Animation Festival of Brazil / Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo / Brazil (July 2015) 22nd Festival de Cinema de Vitória / Brazil (September 2015) 13th Curta Santos (Best Cinematography) / Brazil (September 2015) 9th Baixada Animada - Mostra Ibero Americana de Cinema de Animação - Duque de Caxias (Best Brazilian Film) / Brazil (October 2015) 25th Festival Internacional de Curtas do Rio de Janeiro (Honorable Mention - Young Jury)  / Brazil (November 2015) 5th Festcine Maracanaú (Best Short)/ Brazil (November 2015) 5th Brazil Stop Motion Festival - Recife (Best Brazilian Stop Motion and Best Brazilian Film (ABCA) / Brazil (November 2015) 19th Tiradentes Film Festival / Brazil (January 2016) 10th Curta Ourinhos (Best Animation) / Brazil (March 2016) Lakino Short Film Festival / Berlin / Germany (April 2016) 9th Curta Taquary (Best Art Direction and Best Sound) / Brazil (April 2016) 15th ABC Cinematography Awards - finalist - Best Cinematography - São Paulo / Brazil (May 2016) 18th FestCurtasBH - Belo Horizonte International Short Film Festival / Brazil (August 2016) 2nd LUZ - Festival de Autores de Fotografia Cinematográfica / Buenos Aires / Argentina (August 2016) 12th Shorts Mexico - Short Shorts Film Festival Mexico / Mexico City / Mexico (September 2016) 11th FESAALP La Plata Latinoamerican Film Festival / Argentina (September, 2016) 10th BrazilCine - The Brazilian Film Festival in Scandinavia / Stockholm / Sweden (October 2016) 34th Bogocine - Bogota International Film Festival / Colombia (October 2016) Grande Prêmio do Cinema Brasileiro 2016 - finalist - Best Animation / Rio de Janeiro / Brazil (October 2016) Dia Internacional da Animação 2016 / multiple cities / Brazil (October 2016) 38th Havana Film Festival / Cuba (December 2016) 40º Festival Guarnicê de Cinema - Best Short (Audience Award) - Best Art Direction - Best Cinematography / Brazil (June 2017)

This Heart That Remains (Brazil | 2013)

Fiction | 15min

“The eye views. Memory reviews. The imagination overviews.” (Manoel de Barros)



Director and Writer: Marcella Jacques

Executive producers: Gisela Mangeon and Marcella Jacques
Cinematographer: Alexandre Baxter
Sound and sound mixing: Gustavo Fioravante
Art Director: Alonso Pafyeze
Wardrobe: Ricca
Characterization: Carol Breviglieri
Editing: André Sampaio
Producer: Gisela Mangeon
Gaffer: Eduardo Gomes
Casting: Ed Elenco (Fábio Guimarães)
Opening footage: Wal Moraes and Clara Antunes
Super 8 footage: José Barcelos
Original Soundtrack: Sarah Assis
Credits song “Água e Vinho” by Egberto Gismonti, played by Brian Caballero


Rodolfo Vaz

Marina Viana

Polyana Horta

Selected festivals and awards: 9th Cine Mube – Vitrine Independente (SP, Brazil) 13th Curta-SE – Festival Iberoamericano de Sergipe (SE, Brazil) FestCine Amazônia – Festival Latino Americano de Cinema Ambiental (RO, Brazil) Festival Primeiro Plano 2013 (MG, Brazil) – Best Film (audience award) and Best Editing Curta Canoa 2013 – Canoa Quebrada (CE, Brazil) – Best Art Direction Curta O Gênero – Fortaleza (CE, Brazil) 9th Mostra Miragem – Miracema and 10 other cities (TO, Brazil) 1st Festival de Cinema de Três Passos (RS, Brazil) FAB Festival Audiovisual Bariloche 2014 – Argentina 9th Curta Ourinhos – Short-film Festival (SP, Brazil)

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